Wednesday, August 21, 2013

she wakes.

so we got photobombed by a cat on the farm.

anyway- i have taken lots of time off (as i mentioned before because i can). i go through cycles of taking pictures where i get super burned out and dread spending time at the computer editing them. i always love getting behind the camera and having "adult time" away from the kids (i adore my kids but i'm pretty much with them 24/7). i digress...

so i get burned out and the birth of hart came at the perfect time to take a vacation. my first official session back was my in-laws and it was just what i needed. it was a perfect morning and perfect scenery and emily is the perfect stylist. i was hungry to be and feel creative again.

so here we are.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

so where'd ya go?

how was your vacation home? (an alkaline trio lyric)

so i had a baby. a baby boy we named hart david. and he is perfect.  he came with style and speed when my water broke (i'm talkin' movie style - allllll over) at my cousin's fabulous wedding. we drove a cool 95mph back to bloomington with our flasher's on the whole way. we made it and while he needed a bit of coaxing for a few hours i went from a 3 to a 10 in about 15 minutes and he was born.

so as you noticed i'm taking a break and will continue to do so until whenever i feel like it. because i can and i will soak up the time as we adjust to a family a five. so far - so not so bad. perhaps i had my expectations set at doomsday level low but it's been much better than i had hoped.

God bless! - Katie

the best we could get.

he's already chunking up and sleeping pretty well. afternoon naps on my bed are my absolute favorite time.

Monday, April 15, 2013


here is my pregnant self while doing lighting shots at gruv. can you tell i love this dress? it's pretty much what i have been living in for a month. partially because it feels so soft and then because i've pretty much given up on real pants. i'm sorry, i realize this isn't very fashion forward but my thighs are huge and i'm uncomfortable. so what??

i'm due june 9th. the baby is measuring large right now but that can all change in a week so i'm taking nothing for granted. basically i'm in survival mode right now - and i have almost two months left. but God is good and faithful and i trust that He will carry me through the sure to come rough days.  much love, K


see these ladies?

gorgeous, right? they teach at gruv yoga & sculpt in peru, illinois and they asked me to take some photos for their website and studio walls. "wow!" is what i have to say. what these women can do with their bodies is really inspiring. and my absolute favorite part was to listen to them encourage each other and build each other up. it's how relationships should be.

springing in to nice weather.

like what i did there?  spring has been coming and going and this day was no exception. it was warmish but windy and overcast. it almost seemed like fall. enjoy the peek.


and here she is in all her glory: miss mae. already perfect and so very loved.