Thursday, December 3, 2009


i snapped this cutie when she was a bun in the oven, while her momma was laboring, and after she came to greet the world. granted, these photos are a few weeks old but i love love love it. and the entire reason for this post is because in addition to being one of finn's bestie's - she is our Goddaughter! i could not be more honored and thrilled to be tied to this wee one for the rest of our lives.

even to say it makes me feel more like a grown up. Goddaughter. Goddaughter. Goddaughter. these are things in life that i never in a million years thought would move me to tears and make me smile every five minutes. but they do. and i'm thrilled. Goddaughter.

grown up. what does it even mean? i still think of myself as young but much less care free. i have crazy irrational fears about my child and my upstairs furnace (which at the moment is making some kind of terrible noise). i sometimes don't brush my teeth until 2pm. i talk to my child as if he were 27. i feel accomplished if i get the floor mopped. does this make me grown up? i still feel punk rock on the inside... but i digress... the real reason for the post. Goddaughter.

to be a Godparent is a responsibility we will take seriously and joyfully.

(baby love)


(pairs well with red)

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