Sunday, January 24, 2010

i heart computer geeks.

where on earth was i? basically deciding my life was over because my computer crashed. and then it snapped in my brain that God was trying to tell me something.

rewind a few days... i was thinking a lot about God, fight club, the economy, and my lack of organization skills and decided i was finally going to start on my winter projects. most of said projects were not letting the things that i own, own me (fight club) so i started gutting my spare room also known as my closet. things were a hot mess so i had piles upon piles spilling out on to the floor.
(gross, right?)
i was so proud of myself for the decluttering and deciding how not attached i've become to things. after all, Jesus walked the earth with nothing - all this is material and really doesn't matter.
and then "it" happened. our laptop got sick and went in to a coma. devestated would have barely captured how i was feeling. crying, cursing... the whole nine. and then in the middle of my selfish rant i realized how attached i was to this stupid material possession. you can take my phone away for a week but losing the computer made me feel like i had been cut off from society. and then i cycled in to guilt. as people in haiti and california are losing everything i am being a brat about a computer. but God placed it on my heart and i'm thankful for that.
long story short, the computer is fixed, my photos are restored, i will become much better about backing up my projects, and as always, I will consider myself blessed that I know the Lord and his grace.

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