Saturday, January 30, 2010

a nice little saturday.

these aren't anything special - just took a few shots of finn because i was overjoyed the sun was out and light was pouring through the house.


(well, he IS pretty special)

our boston terrier, boomer, is a pretty awesome dog. and she keeps proving herself more and more everyday. finn and boomer were hanging on the bed today and finn was literally sucking on her hair. he was swatting, pulling, squealing with delight - and boomer just sat there and occasionally licked him. it was quite sweet.

(boomer hug)

(and kiss)
and last, but not least...
seth and i are in the process of decluttering in a big way. clothes, shoes, stuff, junk, anything. so of course, in the process of purging i saw this table at the gridley first united bazaar and just knew i wanted it - not had to have, just wanted. i have absolutely no idea what to do with it or where to put it but seth let me get it anyway.
i got the impression some of the little old ladies were so glad to be rid of it!! someone's trash really is another's treasure.

(the latest addition)

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