Friday, February 5, 2010

go shorty.

it's my birfday. yes, that is correct. today marks the beginning of my 27th year and all i have to show for it is a loving husband, a beautiful son, and two cuh-razy dogs. life is pretty good.

finn must have gotten the message that it's my day because after three weeks straight of waking up at 4am he slept unitl 6:30 today. oh yeah! and - he took a two hour nap this morning, which is nearly unheard of. so thank you beloved for these wonderful gifts.

i actually treated yesterday more like my birthday by deciding i was going to bring finn to the lucca grill for lunch. i thought it important to introduce him early to a place i hope he loves as much as his ma and dad do. that was also my hint at nostalgia from yesterday. most know that i worked there (and really consider it among my favorite and best jobs ever) but it is also where seth and i saw each other for the first time. granted, we didn't talk to each other but it laid the ground work for a few weeks later. in short, it is a place very dear to my heart.

(with his homeslice, elizabeth)

(butt on the bar)
(with uncle johnny, my old boss and dear friend)
great day, great day. now it's off to party like it's my birfday.

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