Tuesday, March 2, 2010

slow news day.

this weekend the hubs and i traveled to chicago, sans finn, to relax and enjoy each other. i took my camera and true to form barely got off 20 shots, of which i am in zero.

finn was sick and i had gotten the most violent form of stomach flu 12 hours before leaving so we wrestled with actually going but decided to make the trek and leave finn in the hands of my more than capable parents. instead of a completely carefree trip i worried about my poor child and then got food poisoning on saturday - in hindsight, it was kind of funny.

we went to the art musuem, which was lovely. i adore watching others enjoy all of the culture! the pic above is one of the more obvious and always had a gathering. my favorite part of the musuem was a mother holding the hand of ther young daughter in front of the monet's. the mother would bring the girl up close and show her the tiny brushstrokes and then walk backwards with her to show her the bigger picture. i pray i am that type of mom - to instill appreciation of such pretty things at such an age.

oh - and then we stopped by to get a coffee and i contemplated stealing this bike...

(20 shots and all i got was this bike?)
all in all - i am a mom who has no problem leaving her child for a few nights to be with seth - just not when he's sick.

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