Monday, March 8, 2010

this was fun.

i realize that i am extremely fortunate to take photos for people. while i still have so far to go in terms of learning, it has allowed me to stay home with our son and make a little grocery money, get me out of the house and talk to adults, spend time with great family and friends, and laugh. i love what i do and i will never be able to express that enough. i especially love my husband for telling me i can do it and encouraging me the rest of the way.

the fam below are two of my dear friends from high school - expecting baby #3 any second. i kid you not when i say i was laughing out loud and very hard for most of my time there. like when julia was riding jack like a horsie and hitting the top of his head or when jack was dancing like jack black did on yo gabba gabba(which i came home and googled... it was hilarious). oh my - i am a very blessed person. love you guys!

(sugar high... partially my fault.)

(that face??!)

(playing a mean guitar.)

(belly button and bloomers.)

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