Saturday, May 1, 2010

excuses, excuses.

(in between)

it was the ultimate excuse. for a girls weekend. to wear pretty dresses. to sip champagne. to go dancing. to stay up past midnight. to celebrate our friendship.


after a blog i stalk had a post about a woman who hired the photographer to capture their friendship i absolutely jumped at it. i enlisted the help of my friend kristy to come and snap away on two conditions: 1) i'd be a little bossy and 2) i get to edit the photos. she obliged and did a wonderful job and i am forever thankful.

what was supposed to be a sun kissed evening shoot at a barn turned in to an evening on my front porch thanks to the rain and wind. we did make it out to the barn after a reprieve from the weather; and while it wasn't exactly like the vibrant colored photos i had imagined, it was perfect.


(more laughter.)

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  1. These pics are awesome. Not because Brenda is my baby girl but because I know she will always have such great friends