Tuesday, May 18, 2010

pre op/post op

mah boo had to have a brachial cleft cyst removed from his upper left chest today. we took him to OSF in peoria and the surgeon removed it before it caused problems later down the road or continued to grow, which it was.
this is the only picture i think i have that kind of shows it. he was just 3 months old here. notice the slight dimple on his chest:
i really didn't stress about it too much. the biggest anxiety i had was from not being able to feed him; but he handled that like a champ.
as i sat in the surgery holding area i thanked God for this tiny blip on the radar. there were children around me that were having major procedures and i prayed for them. i pray they knew the Lord, i pray they were calm, and i pray everything went as well for them as it did for us.
this is finn just after the surgery when we got to go and see and hold him (and feed him... he was STARVING!)

true to little boy formed, he bounced back as soon as we got home (and after he took a nap.)

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