Thursday, June 24, 2010

i heart t.w-f.

for the second time since finn was born i had the great pleasure of snagging t. wyse-fisher to photograph our family. what i'm about to write isn't because i'm 97% sure she'll see this or because i want her to continue photographing our family (i do) but because it's the truth.

she is the type of woman that just oozes creativity. she is a photographer, she makes jewelry, an awesome decorator, she can draw, she's an art teacher, and most of all, a wife and mother to two beautiful little boys. our mutual friends all say the same thing: she's awesome. yes, she is. everytime i talk with her i'm fascinated. i don't know what it is but she interests me and i am a huge fan and think she's super cool. i probably sound like a groupie.

so - this time around i was looking for three things: family photos, finn's first year shots, and some snaps of seth and me (because the last ones we really have are from our wedding). she got them all and far exceeded my expectations yet again.

so thank you, tiffany, for taking these amazing photos for us.

i'm only posting a few - if you want to see the rest just come over to our house - they'll be framed soon enough.

(the fam)

(mr. finn pants.)
(me & mah boo.)

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