Monday, October 11, 2010

making up for neglect.

yes, i still have a son. i kind of feel like i've been neglecting updates on him though.

he's now 15 months old, into absolutely everything imaginable, funny, trying, fast, loving kitchen utensil of all kinds (see above photo), tall, skinny, kind of has a large noggin, and also getting a little brother or sister in april. he's got no idea what he's in for.
he's wonderful in every single way but he's in the stage where he's maybe trying to drive me crazy. he's all boy in ever way. he runs around the house trying to see what he can break, pull down, or push - which includes my limits. this is a struggle but one i knew i was in for and more than willing to have. i love him madly. i imagine there is someone somewhere cringing at the fact i said this out loud but none of it means i would change a thing...

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