Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 begins.

the month of me and mine (december 2010) was a successful failure in the truest sense. my visions of printing photos, updating frames, organizing, and other general to do's went right out the window. fail.

i did, however, soak up much needed time with my dear friends, love on our wonderful families, and seth and i were able to take in a trip as a couple in addition to focusing much needed attention on our eldest and only. success.

so a new year has started and before i know it i'll have another one attached at the hip (also a wonderful thing). january is the month of organization and purging- closests, junk drawers, basement, you name it. we're going with a minimalist theme for 2011. i'll keep you updated.

the biggest change we've implemented so far in these short 5 days is the switch to cloth diapers. and guess what? like the people who use them said - they aren't bad at all. when i heard that originally i would think, "yeah, right," in my head but turns out they knew what they were talking about. these aren't your grandma's cloth diapers.

i have three friends that use them and have talked with regarding the basics and everyday routine. basing my decision purely on finance seth and i decided to go for it. we have been checking sales for the past few months and buying diapers and accessories a little at the time to help offset the start up cost. i still have more to go but for right now i have a solid two day supply for finn. i also sprung for the poop sprayer because hey - it makes it MUCH easier.

money aside, there is something terribly adorable about it...

there is a jertain in my curtain who loves playing peek a boo with me.

and despite his very best efforts he still can't manage to grow a decent head of hair. patchy, coarse, and laughable. i love every inch of him.

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