Thursday, January 20, 2011

i guess you're just what i needed.

therapy. that's what i feel like i've been needing lately. blame it on the hormones, blame it on the rain- but i've been feeling down. i've been on this mission to reconcile the me now to the me 6 years ago in a healthy way - you know, all the fun without the self destructive behavior. luckily i have a supportive husband who handles the crazy with a lot of grace (thank you dear).

little did i know i would find a healthy dose of the therapy i needed in the decluttering of january 2011. since seth and i have been in the house i've never had a setup in the office i was pleased with. truth is - it's been a bunch of my clutter and crap piled on any surface i could find. on our mission to clean up the place before the baby comes we decided on the office first.

after hanging the paintings we've accumulated from our friends something seemed missing. then BOOM! like a flash of light i asked seth if he remembered my wall of random in the apartment i lived in when we first started dating. he did. and he understood where i was going with it so we set out to find the initial odds and ends. success. it was exactly what the room needed, what i needed. our collection of randomness has turned the office in to a memory filled, quirky, beautifully us space to have. and from now on we can keep adding together - adding stories, adding memories, and a continuation of therapy that i'm sure i'll never stop needing.

(things on the wall include, but are not limited to: spools of ribbon i found at dwight days, business cards, cards, photos, sonograms, meatwad and shakezula (missing: frylock).)

things yet to come:

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  1. We have a similar problem in our office. It is depressing to know that we have a "pit" in our house. Ugh! Good for you for tackling your office head on. :)