Thursday, March 31, 2011


i wonder if cash (or KAH! as finn calls him) knows how very loved he is. i also wonder if he minds his role as jungle gym and lounge chair - or if he minds getting screamed at (always playfully) daily. boomer is a bit more skiddish and runs away alot but not cash... cash will sit and be kind and patient. we really lucked out with this rhodesian. don't get me wrong - we have our days with the dogs. more so in the winter when we're ALL cooped up together but raising a child with dogs far outweighs my fleeting annoyances. perfect example: my girlfriend asked what i use for quick cleanups when finn spills. i seemed confused and she explained, "do you use a dust buster, broom?" to which i replied, "no, i have two dogs." finn runs after them - chasing and screaming and they chase right back. exercise for the day? yes, please. to kah and boo-er... your buddy finn loves you dearly.

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