Monday, March 7, 2011

sugar, awwww honey honey.

give me the sweet stuff.

this pregnancy has been most noticeably different for me in that i want sweet, sugary goodness all. the. time.

i had a girlfriend visit for lunch on saturday and she asked what she could bring. i joked that cupcakes are always welcome and boom, she delivered. chicago bakery cupcakes delivered to my doorstep (you know, the kind with cream cheese frosting). the following evening another girlfriend and her hubs offered to bring us dinner. i said, "no, we'll provide dinner, you bring candy." oh and candy me up she did. dark chocolate bars, suckers, sour gummy worms. heaven. and don't even get me started on the schwan man! i'm sure he could chart the size of my belly with the size of our order every two weeks - toffee bars, dark chocolate mini's, and gallon's of vanilla ice cream.

so for that reason, i'm going to lay my money down that i'm having a girl. when i first became pregnant i felt different from finn. i was much sicker, my poor face revolted against me, and i wasn't quite as tired either. so i thought - girl. then things felt the same for a while and i decided, "nope, it's a boy in this belly. i'm going to have two insane little boys running around my house." but the focus has shifted again.

so - with my reasoning based largely on sugar intake i'm guessing there is a little baby girl in this baby maker. go with my odds people - we're talking sugar.

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