Friday, April 29, 2011

baby parts.

yep. i got a picture where you really can't see her face. why? because for some reason i can manage to get other people's newborn's to sleep and cuddle and get in a box looking all sweet and snugly but not mine. FAIL. i was at home with her for almost a week by myself and instead of picking up the camera during this all-too-critical-will-sleep-in-any-position-anywhere-time i just held her. not that i'm really complaining but seriously? no "real" cuddly newborn photos. (i did this with finn too.)

so - i faked it here and threw her on a chair half swaddled. the end result? a photo i adore.
i mean, look at that baby shoulder? i can smell it from here and feel it's softness. i did the classic over think mommy thing and assumed i was being bad because i didn't get the photos i think i should have. wrong.

i have the babies i want. i have the babies i love. and i still have some photos to remember the fleeting time when they needed me wholly.

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  1. Adorable. I went to my sisters to try and get those great sleeping positions, but everytime I moved his arms I was "ruffing" his peaceful sleep with the fear he was going to awake and the moment was over.