Friday, May 20, 2011

nice potty mouth, kid.

as a reformed mega-swearer (well, i'm still not perfect but i do try) i go to great lengths to watch my mouth around my children. i replace bad things with "oh boy!" and "bless it!" but a few days ago i realized to the outside world it may not look like it.

case #1: my son loves pointing out clocks for some reason. the doctor's office, any one's house, the mall. no matter where we're at he'll find it, point at it and yell CLOCK! but here lies the problemo - clock is magically turned in to another word by dropping the "l". that's right - my son is walking around public places yelling that word. nice.

case #2: finn's attention span at this age is lacking. so i found myself sternly telling him to "focus" when we're trying to get out of the house. one arm in the coat and he darts off... "focus" i say. and he repeats me... except this time it sounds like two words. the first being the mother of all swears and the second word sounding like "it." so - mother of all cuss words and "it." yep - and on occasion i've heard him say this in public.

the moral of the story is this - if you see us out and my son points at you and calls you a clock or tells you to "something" it just know that i have not taught him these things and he really is sweet natured - it just gets lost in translation of his very own language. or as ben funk calls it, "finnglish."

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