Tuesday, May 31, 2011

what is making me happy right now.

finn trying to be sweet to his sister, juno. although during this mini-session i believe i yelled, "gentle, careful, down't squish her!" about 700 times... and the camera was only out for two minutes.

peonies. no, i don't have any of my own but when i'm out walking i'll occasionally grab one from a bush too close to the sidewalk. come fall i will take some from my parent's collection so i won't have to do that anymore.

finn "helping" with laundry. he usually ends up falling out of the basket and crying - but then i get to cuddle him for a minute for comfort. double whammy.

even though my parent's constantly remind me i shouldn't let my chive bush flower sometimes i do and i get purple things that look pretty. oh, and for the record, when i was home this weekend their plant flowered. yep, ma and dad, i noticed.

and i like to think finn is talking on his phone telling his friend how awesome juno is.

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