Thursday, July 14, 2011

the 12 year old "nanny"

my friends are smart, no, geniuses! two of my girlfriends told me that they had the 12 year old girls at church come over to their houses and play with their kids. this allows my friends to clean, run errands, have an extra set of hands for going to the doctor's office or pool, and so on and so on.

naturally i wanted to jump on this bandwagon. i mean, BRILLIANT!! these girls LOVE toddlers and babies (and i stress LOVE!). luckily one came up to me at church last sunday and offered her services. um, yeah. she's here today and i am able to catch up on work while she runs after finn, loving every minute of it. and while he gave her a run for her money the other day they are currently at the park swinging and swinging away.

i can see the attraction of people wanting a full time nanny. however, i have currently rationalized that she only has a few weeks left of summer, i'm buried under photos and art projects, and it's great for the both of us for a little while.

so, while she's out with finn and i'm at the computer i can occasionally step away and capture this: the chaos of a messy bed and a beautiful baby peacefully sleeping. i don't even mind she leaked through her diaper and peed on my side of the bed.

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