Tuesday, July 12, 2011

me and mine. summer 2011.

for the last few years i have been lucky (and i stress the lucky part) to trade with tiffany wyse-fisher for family photographs. i'm going to call and spade a spade and just say she's on another level, like another planet level... so i'm not sure how i did get so lucky.

anyway - she's moving to n. ireland for two years (read more about it here) and i am selfishly sad. and it is selfish! she's going to spread awesome and have adventure and i just want her here so she can take more pics of my family and keep the central illinois cool factor up. ok, i'm over myself. i'm glad there are people on this planet like her. creative, fun, loved, faithful, intelligent, and paired with a husband just as fab as she is.

here is a snipet because i'm keeping most of them under my belt for a while.

i am a huge proponent of updated husband and wife shots. for every 700 i have of my kids i have one that i like of seth and me. so whenever tiff rolls around i make sure saz and i take a little time for ourselves. my idea this time was sexy shots on the bed...oooooh!

How about his sexy face? i'm telling ya, i hit the jack.pot.

rock on, tiff. you outdid yourself again and i am madly in love with these photos. thank you.

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