Tuesday, September 6, 2011

all aboard the pinterest train.

yep, i joined pinterest (blame bezely for that one) train. i have two rules: no obsessive stalking of pinterest and only pin things i will actually do/use/find inspiration from. meaning - no dream house ideas in my future. not that i think it's bad for people but for me it is. i have no desire to want for more when i have plenty already.

ok, so - one of the first things i saw on pinterest was a headboard

and i fell in love with it for several reasons - i want more color in our bedroom (which is largely brown and green), love is a command in the Bible, and i'm trying to make our space a little sexier. yes, i said sexier.

cue kelly. my darling kelly. i love her guts. we met in high school, worked a million jobs together, lived together in college for three years and managed to make it out friends. she has a wonderful hubs and a disgustingly adorable child whom i love as my own. oh, and she's super creative (art major). so i asked her to copy it... and she did, quite perfectly if i do say so myself. i actually did get a new bedspread since the one she's sitting on has been ripped for two years (thanks, cash) and that also adds the color i'm shooting for... but for now - just admire my sweet kelly in action.

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