Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the family bed.

let's get things straight: we don't let our kids sleep in bed with us. i have tried on occasion but seth is the strong one in this area. but every single morning we follow the same routine:

saz goes downstairs to make coffee. he brings up finn's milk and two diapers and before he leaves for work he brings both kids to me so i can nurse juno in bed while curious george plays. we all rest, we lay together, cuddle, and take our sweet time waking up. on occasion i even get 5 more minutes of sleep. when finn gets riled up we head downstairs to begin the official day.

the same routine applies for nap time. i admit it, i take naps with my children. instead of seth i fill the roll of diaper/milk retriever. more than relaxing we play a sort of hide and seek, pillow cover head game, etc. these are my favorite times of the day and i'm glad i get to spend it in my own bed. (i do think finn likes it since we allow him to have paci and panda in our bed.)

note: i am not above giving finn fruit snacks in bed so he'd take out the paci in order to get an image without a huge, blue thing on his face. yep, i bribe.


  1. Too cute; Love Finn's shirt too :) And that little Juno is adorable!!! Excited to see you tomorrow!