Wednesday, March 7, 2012

my breath.

my college gf posted this on her blog.

it caught my eye because i felt exactly opposite. i fell crazy in love with seth from day one. insane, stupid, oblivious to the world, right off the bat, love. i even told seth i loved him about three months before he returned the sentiment (i felt like jumping off a cliff).

still, when he proposed my gut reaction was to say "no." seth is fully aware of this now and occasionally hangs it over my head as a joke. saz was the exact opposite of the guys i was dating... reserved in his feelings, mature, responsible, 6.5 years my senior (but still completely fun). my reservation came from the unknown but if i had known myself well enough to know what to ask for he would have been it.

i have the good fortune to say that i have married a good man. he seeks Godly things. he works with me, not against me, when it comes to the house. he desires well behaved children but loves them furiously (and is kind of putty in juno's hands). he works hard and is honest. he cleans my car. he's drop dead gorgeous and gets better with age. he is fiercely loyal. he honestly loves his family. he constantly asks me what he can improve in our relationship. he puts away the dishes before i get up in the morning. he makes me strong coffee everyday. he still looks at me in a way that makes me blush. he lets me order the sushi when we go out to dinner.

yes. i married a good man indeed.

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