Friday, September 14, 2012


this young lady is 17 months old. and W-O-W has she got a huge personality.  a trying, fun, unique, difficult, stubborn, smiley personality.

my june-bug. she makes me simultaneously want to laugh and pull my hair out. she is clingy and standoffish at the same time. she will scream at me and then run off laughing. she is a peanut who NEVER stops eating. she will throw a tantrum if she sees my phone because she wants it but will smile like an angel as long as i hold it in front of her and say, "cheese." she is quiet around strangers but has had a language explosion any other time (including the brand new "cuckah," which means "sucker.").

she climbs on EVERYTHING. she jumps off of said everything whether you are there or not. she has zero fear in that sense. it is a good thing, until you walk out of the bathroom and she is standing on the counter after (i assume) climbing the draw pulls yelling, "i want nana!!!"

and so here she is at the cornfest parade where i admittedly gave her the first sucker that started it all in hopes she would just sit for a minute and watch. she did.

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