Tuesday, September 4, 2012

she's baaaaaaack... and he's going.

i've been feeling a little guilty about not posting anything. let's break it down:

i only spend time on my pc when i'm editing photos otherwise i'm on the ipad.
i took a wedding in june and i give myself a month to finish it.
that brought me to july... family vacation and general fun with the kids. (or laziness)
and now we are in august... and i finally have some sessions to edit.
so - i'm back. just give me a few days.

in the meantime enjoy this image of my little guy who started pre-k. people ask if i'm sad about this. i answer with a resounding "NO!" i'm not trying to be heartless here...i love and adore my son. but we spend all day everyday together and have for the last three years. i have zero issues sending him to my church preschool for 5 hours a week.  this is healthy and it allows me time to be with juno. so, no, i am not sad. i am excited for this new stage. but check back in a few years when he starts all day kindergarten. i may have some serious tears then.

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