Monday, October 8, 2012

what's that? you want more me? of course.

whelp. i waited a really long time since tiff left to get our family photos taken. people assume that since i take pictures i must take them of my kids all the time. Wrong.

finn got the royal treatment but poor juno is getting the shaft. my friend, heidi, stepped in and saved me from myself and the constant requests from my mother for pictures of our family where juno is over 2 months old.

(katie...shhhhhh. get on it with!)

how about some of my super cute kids?

remember, people, updated couple shots!!  your kids will thank you.

oh finn! you darling and handsome little boy.

and let's not forget the little stunner!

more family...

and more us...

and the award for cutest and best photobomb ever goes to (drumroll please)...


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