Friday, November 13, 2009

click, click (the sound of my brain working)

so i sarted a blog weeks ago and have since deleted every post from it. mind you, no one has even discovered i have one nor have i told anyone. i've been deciding what direction i want to take it. photography? my family? my random thoughts of nonsense? i mean honestly, how interesting am i? so i think i'll do a little of everything.

i have decided one thing: my first post will be about my son, who is four months old and my amazing, supportive, extremely good looking husband because if it weren't for them i wouldn't have had the opportunity to really focus on pictures (no pun intended).

i wake up everymorning to a perfectly round smiling face. he bats his long lashes at me and we start our day. there are days that i feel i do nothing but laundry, dishes, floors, and any other domestic chore you can imagine but i get to do it watching my son. i have gotten to watch him grow from a tiny little baby to a less tiny four month old. he has rolls - mad rolls. a flat spot on his head that isn't covered by much hair. he has one half hazel, half brown eye. he is mine... well, ours.

(hello bright eyes)

i have been married for two years to a man that pushes me to be better. a better person, a better friend, a better photographer (and i really use that term loosely). i like to joke around that he's old and he takes it. we have fun and that makes me happy. oh- and we're total shoulder buddies.

(i wish i looked like this more often)

i always say i would never have imagined i would be 26 with a kid and a hubs living where i live but i am exactly where i want to be.

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