Friday, November 13, 2009

from zero to two in under 2 hours

so i go from zero to two posts in one day. wow. this post is dedicated to the person who actually got me interested in photography. she had this amazing camera (back when film was IT) and i shot around with it a little. so... i begged "santa" for the same camera and got it. my friend subsequently pawned hers to go to a phish show...

to my kelly - you are an amazing friend and a talented artist. thank you for being my friend.

here is kel on her wedding day - she cherry picked every detail so needless to say it was a beautiful wedding. she even made her own necklace (c'mon!) i love you so very much!!

oh - and she had fake eyelashes put on. sorry - i think she's the only person i knew to do that so i thought it was awesome.

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