Wednesday, November 18, 2009

sorry, miss jackson's

it always cracks me up when i get in front on kids. some completely ham it up, some are stand-off-ish, and some just ask when i'm going to leave. these three cuties were the latter. mind you, they were extremely polite and sweet and cute and their parents are very well mannered but they could not wait until i packed it in (of course, that meant they were getting ice cream as their bribe so i suppose i don't blame them). anyway- total cuties.

(5 more minutes?)

and the sure fire way to get a look at the camera? ask to see their tongue...

it's also fun to just meet whole families and thier dynamic. just think - a man in a house of four ladies that will someday in the near future be four women (and three of them being teens at the same time).

(notice anything adorable to the far left?)

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