Saturday, November 14, 2009

what makes my heart swoon

so - i really started this blog to give my clients a concrete place to look at my work. well - it's on its way! i have so many sessions to post but right now i'm kind of feeling my two boys.

so this morning my hubs gets mr. finn pants out of bed and lays him on his chest. finn LOVES seth's beard and scratches at it - adorable. everytime i tried to capture it finn stared right at the camera though. this image is not "technically" perfect - it's a touch grainy but i got it and i will cherish it.


(see what i mean? he's going to be that kid that is always very aware of the camera being shoved in his face)

my mother-in-law says that she would tell my father-in-law, "the way to love me is to love my children." i now know exactly what she means. i am loved.

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