Tuesday, December 8, 2009

baby love

this was my last official shoot for 2009 and in my opinion, the perfect ending to a great year. the first time i got to really talk with wendy she told me her and her hubs were looking to get crackin' on the baby train and she volunteers at a local hospital in the maternity ward. basically, this chick loves babies. so i was all too excited when she contacted me to do her own maternity pictures. sometimes you can just meet a set of parents and think, "they're going to be amazing." and they will be. super laid back, energetic, and loving would be my description of them. wendy was literally glowing and matt was quite an easy daddy to be to work with. i cannot wait to snap this cutie when "it" comes to greet the world in february!

(see what i mean? glowing!)

(she looks amazing)
ok - there are two additional reasons this was a great shoot. one was their dog, max, who wanted to be in every single shot. though you can't see it - in every picture he was hovering about three feet away. and occasionally we let him in...
(good boy, max)

also - since matt is a pilot and has a schedule to work around i had to bring finn. i'm so glad they love babies! i must say, he was a perfect angel and just stared at their Christmas tree the whole time while talking to himself but they did take time to dote on him...

(mr. finn pants as my "assistant")

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