Friday, December 18, 2009

a case of the add's

so today was one of those days that i had a million things going on in my head and decided that i could probably handle all of them. in my world that means start one thing, head to the next, and so on and so forth until i have about seven projects started and then take a break to blog while my sons kicks it in his kickin' coaster.

this post is also for my friends. we were at a girls night a few weeks ago talking about how some people project themselves. well i'm not perfect so i thought i would post a few pictures to make everyone feel better about the state of their houses.

my house as a disaster: (don't worry seth, i'll clean it up by 5)

switching out the picture wall

hanging the laundry

feeding a hungry child

(not pictured: making baby food and all the dishes i dirtied to get there, stripping the beds, and the neverending bottle washing)

and then! i realized that i haven't posted any pictures of finn lately - which really only seems to bother my ma. so noni, this is for you!!

(yes, he's supposed to be upside down)
(newest obsession)

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