Sunday, December 27, 2009


seth's brother and his family came in from austin so we had our second round of christmas. the theme should just be "kids." kids everywhere, screaming, running, playing, eating, having more fun than you can think. it's just a fun energy amidst the chaos. finn is #8 in the line with another on the way (not me, my sister-in-law). plus the 12 adults. it's a busy household to say the least.

(miss olivia - smiling, as usual.)

(austin zoey enjoying the snow)

(seth being a rad uncle to jude)

i even managed to make it in a picture with mah boo, mr. finn pants. it's nice to sneak in from time to time so there is proof i was at these major events in his life.

(doesn't he look thrilled?)


and we'll end it with one more of my baby. he looks so stoic. i couldn't help it!!!
(more than likely his inner monologue is "bottle, bottle, bottle")

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