Sunday, December 27, 2009

oh! christmas.

a belated merry christmas! we had a blessed holiday with both of our families this year! now to deal with the aftermath... cleaning up the mess, storing the decorations, magically zapping those 10 pounds i gained off my body. the usual.

my requests to not spoil finn fell on deaf ears, as i had expected. he is my parents only grandchild, my brother and sister's only nephew and so on and so forth. don't get me wrong, i sincerely appreciate the generosity but i also think - he has zero idea what's going on here. regardless - here is the day after:

(yes, the who)
(how about "finn throws a fit")
let us not forget, most important of all - the reason for the season! the birth of our Savior and Lord. it isn't about the stuff - the greatest gift to us was given. salvation. happy birthday, Jesus!


  1. Ok, first of all, Love, love, love the post of all the kids at the Zeller's for Christmas! (email me them---in your spare time of course) and then, I love your comment to Seth about the house being cleaned up by 5...I am just dying laughing, because that is soooo You & Him!!!! Love you guys!

  2. Oh and one more thing----I sooooo got that "The Who" onsie for Finn's first b'day--guess it's goin' to someone else...maybe Benji will have that boy?!?!