Monday, January 4, 2010


so i woke up with grand plans to take finn's 6 month pictures. i was excited at the window of opportunities that have recently opened up since he's sitting up on his own. you can only take so many "baby laying on floor grabbing feet" pictures before you feel your creativity is being stretched to within an inch of your life. so - he still tends to fall over sometimes and smack his head sending him in to a tailspin of screaming - because of this i find it best to do some test shots and poses upstairs on the carpet to minimize the risk on our first floor (all hardwood and for sure the cutest spots for a mini session).

the title "deleted." will make much more sense in a minute.
as you can see things start out cute enough:

("reading" his green start books)

(playing with the raddest vintage jack in the box)

and then - the it happened as i knew it would. timber. he falls like a ton of bricks and gives me the face that indicates a blood curdling scream is soon to follow. i hate seeing him like that but i laughed and took a picture anyway because i knew the temporary nature of the situation.

(falls like a tree)

so - after this he calms down and giggles and poops right out of his outfit. ha ha. while changing him i make the rookie mistake of leaving the diaper off for more than 30 seconds. maybe i was feeling confident since he's refrained from this for several months - but he proceeds to urinate all over the wall. and his outfit. and me. basically i decided to scrap the photos for the day and we'll try again later this week.

it wasn't a total waste:

(alllllll better.)

side note: if you want the cutest little earth friendly books around check out the green start books from innovative kids:

i have three and they are ADORABLE and green and pretty to look at and give tips in the back on how to care for our earth and animals. just look at the little artwork. this particular story is called "one tree" and tells about the seasons, animals, berries, and anything else associated with the lifespan of a tree.

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