Thursday, January 7, 2010

my son is a crazy person.

(the face says it all)

i often tell people they wouldn't believe what i dress finn in when we're at home all day. today seemed to be a particular breed of crazy so i thought i'd share.

let's explain: i don't get him out of jammies until after morning cereal since this has the potential to be a messy experience. so he's in his pj's. he's been quite drooly lately so we make sure to keep a bib on. so he's in the rolling stones bib from our 80 year old home tends to be quite drafty. so he has on the purple baby legs and brown slippers to help keep his chunky thighs warm. and there you have it - a CuhRazy little baby. maybe if i keep this up he won't care what he's wearing as he gets older.

i'm sure noni is laughing and cringing at this little outfit.

(mother's little helper indeed)

we also woke up to several inches of snow - which i enjoy if i don't have to go out it in. i will say though, it makes the world a little more quite for a while.

(baby it's cold outside)


  1. I love the pants! :) You are right.....if you keep this up he will never be self conscious about what he is wearing. :)

  2. I dress Miles the exact same way and he is almost 2. He will hate me someday for putting him in leg warmers that squeeze the life out of his chunky little thighs. The important thing is that I think it's cute and I have to look at him all day. :)