Saturday, January 9, 2010

holy six months, batman.

my beloved finn,
today passed like any other. somewhere along the way someone decided 6 months to be a milestone. it is my blessing. i have had you in my life for half of a year and i am elated. i had hopes of penning some long, heartfelt letter about how much i love you but it didn't seem eloquent enough. i love you. i love you so much it hurts sometimes.

i lay around some days and watch you figure things out. mostly how you can reach for something and then get it in to your mouth. i change your diapers, hold you when you are crying and can't tell me what's wrong, feed you, bathe you, and drag you around with me joyfully. i love you.

you are mine.


aka: mr finn pants, finnerific, finnanigans, fintastic, the finnerator.

(hat: like.)

likes: watching mommy or daddy come in to a room, baths, sucking on his own toes, eating.

dislikes: watching mommy or daddy leave a room, green beans, falling over from the sitting up position.

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