Saturday, April 10, 2010


after a lovely church service on easter at gridley first united we retreated to gree and grockey's house (that's seth's mom and dad for those not familiar with such a "different" name for a set of grandparents... another story another time.). great food, great family and guests, and a few snapshots.

could livey be any happier in this picture?

(finn and livs with gree.)

we did have a chunky thigh square off betweent the two and livs barely edged finn out - but she is a few months older...

(finn left, livs right.)

little t-mac seemed skeptical about showing me his eggs... like i was going to steal the candy or something (which i did swipe a piece when he wasn't looking...)

chase, ty, and jude. jude and ty are screaming "cheese" at each other.

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