Friday, April 9, 2010

9 in 9 out.

(well - technically finn was in for 42 weeks but let's just say 9 months for cute title sake.)

finn, sweet, crazy, wispy haired, toilet loving, crawling like mad, two teethed, finn.

today you are officially 9 whole months. practically a teenager, which is insane since i'm pretty sure just yesterday i was in the hospital with you fretting over your hip and that archaic brace you had to be in for 6 weeks.
(on the move.)
i have my days where i feel that i tell you "no, no" 30,000 times because you have radar that sends you for the aforementioned toilet, dog bowls, and tv buttons. but i also have my days where i tell you "i love you" 50,000 times and make sure you are showered with enough kisses to make you squirm (which you do because you aren't digging being tied down to one location for too long).
you have taught me serious lessons in patience. like today - just as i was about to give up and resign to the fact i would have to feed you forever (i know, irrational thought) you popped slippery strawberries in to your mouth like you had been doing it forever. a few days ago i was pretty sure you were going to go through life toothless, and then your bottom two sprung up. yes, sometimes i need to relax a little. first child syndrome.
(seriously on the move.)
taking sweet and lovely photos of you is nearly impossible since you move at the speed of light and almost always refuse to look at the camera because you are exploring some miniscule particle on the ground in order to shove it in to your mouth. but i love you more for it. we realize the infinite blessings we have recieved in order to be here in charge of your care.

none of what i have written above matters though. what matters is i love you, my darling finn. your dad loves you and so do a whole slew of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and beyond. you are wonderfully made.

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