Saturday, July 17, 2010

austin bound. part 1.

welcome to my austin series. i'm not actually sure how many posts i'll break the trip in to yet. so for now enjoy part one: general.

a short 17 hour drive later we arrived at a beautiful home in texas hill country. as the week progressed we realized there was no need to leave our compound. we had everything we needed: a pool with attached baby pool and hot tub, a kitchen with double fridges and ovens, and kind sized beds for all. i mean, what more could you ask for?

of course, there were moments of chaos - but that is to be expected with 10 adults and 9 children under the age of 6. and i mean it wholeheartedly when i say there is no better chaos than a family spending the week together swimming, eating, playing, laughing, and sleeping.

everything really is bigger in texas. this guy was longer than my hand. harmless, but unnerving.

what trip would be complete without my son banging his head on something right off the bat? this little scratch and bump slowly formed a blue and black then green bruise as the week progressed. poor guy.

mr. finn met his match in cousin liv. she was only trying to kiss him but i think he had memories of her coming from behind and bringing him DOWN to get the toy she wanted out of his hands.

and no amount of rain would stop these two from the pool. who could blame them? (i, on the other hand, was safely inside.)

chase decided he absolutely would ride a bike without training wheels and became quite the pro.

and of course ty trying to get where he shouldn't. "how 'bout that?"

and we lounged in the air when we needed a break.

although i am certain that the kids would have never left the pool given the chance... or ashley either.

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