Sunday, July 18, 2010

austin bound. part 2.

part two: sunset and lake.

the sun setting over the hill country was insanely beautiful to say the least. most evenings we would camp out there and watch the 5 minute wonder.

of course, the kids didn't care as much as we did so they just hopped in the pool.

i am definitely not a landscape photographer. but just so you kind of get a glimpse i took one for kicks.

and now for a sunset/lake combo. baby lake came to join us for an evening. he is the 9th zeller grandchild and he was just perfect.

even though you can't see his face here i get a kick out of this photo.

and really i don't think he was in the mood for me to take his picture at all. not to mention it was about a million degrees.

but he did give me a much more serene face a little later.

i think the next post will be about crazy hair or cupcakes. hmmmm.

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