Monday, August 9, 2010

where were we?

life's moving at a dangerously quick pace. luckily, i'm enjoying it. time with finn pants, friends, loads of shoots, loads of blessings... i'm working on letting go of the legalism of dealing with things that "should" get done and enjoying the memories i'm making. of course, how hard is it to not clean your floors in favor of playdates with your girlfriends?

so - skip the words and straight to the images.

i wasn't technically shooting in july because we had so many things going on personally but when a friend of the family called to ask about shooting her daughter's family i couldn't say no. they live in israel and were home for a few short weeks. i apologize for the lack of eloquence - i'm not feeling very verbal tonight.

normally i wouldn't keep an image like this because three of the woman here aren't really doing anything particular. but just looking at the LOVE on susan's face as she's soaking up the time with her kids and grandkids made me a little sappy.

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