Tuesday, November 30, 2010

perfect wrapping.

kirsten is married to my cousin.

she is undeniably cool and intelligent (highly, in fact) but with a tender side that can be lacking in a person of that caliber. she is a mother of three rad little boys, a poet, a wife, a dancer, a choreographer, and soon to be novelist. that is the reason for the pictures - a novel that she has written (and soon to be published) will be realeased and a headshot was needed for the pr that will surround it's release.

that's where i come in. they were in from philly for a few short days over thanksgiving and i was happy to oblige albeit for selfish reasons. i got to sit and talk with her and my cousin (also brilliant), uniterrupted, for almost an hour. gasp! i hold this very special because i think they have so many phenomenal ideas and views and actually put them in to practice! they facinate me through and through. i love them all so very much and am thankful i got to sit with them.

but i did work. it was quite easy though and i found this series of three to be some of my favorites ever. that's right. ever.

you should google her: kirsten kaschock. read some of the things she's written - you might find yourself amazed.

and on that note i am done for the season of 2010. december is playfully being nicknamed "the month of me and mine." i am going to take a trip with the hubs to chicago, dine with friends, photograph my own child, spend time with family, eat more great food, and of course, continue to grow a baby.
so - i will either be posting very much or very little.

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