Monday, December 6, 2010

me and mine. dinner in chicago.

first up on the month of me and mine: the annual friends christmas dinner/grab gift exchange. this was the first year in chicago so seth and i decided to make a weekend of it and enjoy a little time together.

we headed up on friday and had dinner with seth's friends (sushi...mmmmmmm.) fun. saturday morning we got out and walked around, eating, shopping, eating with seth's cousin, walking, walking, walking. normally i would carry my camera around like the tourist i am but i decided not to. that does mean that i missed out on beautiful snow fall in the city and the most amazing cathedral i had ever set foot in but i didn't mind. i'll store it up in the memory bank.

finally, the purpose of the weekend: the friends. an italian restaurant, fun couples, mood lighting, grab gifts- all the makings of a great evening.

hey hey! i made it in to a photo. boom.sauce.

normally we make it an adult evening but there was a super special guest who was celebrating one month on earth: mr. harper.

harper is resting in katie's lap here... notice the baby feet?

madmen style.

the way back home (as seen from the middle seat).

and a night cap.

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