Saturday, February 5, 2011

it is my birthday.

28. and i don't feel old one bit.

the last time my birthday fell on a saturday i was 22. i distinctly remember that because i turned 21 on a friday the year before. but a saturday birthday to a 22 year old without kids is much different then a saturday birthday to a pregnant 28 year old mother of one. not bad, just different.

on my 22 birthday a very diverse collection of my closest friends and i went to peoria, partied down, stayed in a hotel together (like, 10 of us in one room), ate at hoops at 6 am and really never went to bed if memory serves me. i had cotton candy pink hair at the time and made personal friends with everyone in SOP's that night.

fast forward 6 years. my adoring hubs tried to let me sleep in but i was still up at 6:30am although i laid in bed until 7:15 (gasp!). i came down to my two favorite boys watching the cat in the hat. the coffee was ready and the the few dishes in the sink were done. bliss. so far, so different. our plans for the afternoon are to drop finn off with his gree, go and have an adult lunch with a few friends, and go to lowe's. that's right - we're picking out a toilet and vanity. WOOT WOOT!! all aboard the party train. and this evening will probably consist of putting finn to bed around 7:30, crashing on the couch together and watching a movie.

22 year old me would have probably cringed at the above description but i am honest in saying i wouldn't have it any other way. i am blessed beyond capacity today and everyday.

wouldn't you feel the same if you could look at these faces every morning?

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