Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a well respected man.

he just can't help it... the dance pours out of him. so much so that while i was trying to teach him to dribble a basketball today he was moving to the beat of the ball against the wood floor.

lately his dancing has resembled a crazy person running around in circles as you can take away from this video. while my official verdict isn't in, and i cannot medically prove it - i think i may be having another boy. can you imagine two of these running around my house?


  1. holy cow, he is a bundle of energy. i'll start praying for you should you have two of these mad men on your hands!

  2. Elly keeps watching and saying, "Oh Yay!"...Imagine that :)

  3. Addilece always gets the BIGGEST kick out of Finn's videos!