Monday, May 9, 2011

don't you have a baby?

why yes, yes i do. i've had more than one person say my posting's of juno far lack that of finn's first few weeks. ouch. guilty.

in my defense it's hard to pick up the camera when finn is all over the place. and these are two different babies. finn would be content anywhere i put him and for however long. juno, on the other hand, is not really happy unless she's being held when she's awake so the photos end up being her squirmy and crying.

for example:

so i decided to hold her a little:

and that reminded me of this:

in first photo, juno is one month old - finn is at least 7 months in his. i kind of wish i would have done a month by month like this. maybe now is the best time to start!

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