Tuesday, May 17, 2011


well - we made it out of the hospital after 48 hours. the verdict? probably something viral. a huge, huge praise to God for that and a big thanks to everyone for praying and thinking of my little peanut. how easy it is to take certain things for granted- like insurance and medical care.

the last hours before checking out of bromenn i thought of our friends who are awaiting the call to go and get their two kiddos from another country. one of the children has had malaria three times - this last time was potentially life threatening to the point our friend was ready to fly down there to help advocate and care for him. my situation was completely different. with just a mild fever she was given every test to rule out disease and i was allowed to stay by her side and even given a bed. my heart aches for our friends and if you would, please pray that they are able to get them soon and bring them home - for their health, and for an easy transition.

what's little juno like? much feistier than her older brother was at this age. she has a funny hairline that you can kind of see from this photo... it's kind of like a recieding hairline/widow's peak all in one and it's just perfect. i know every mother says this but i have a beautiful baby - chubby cheeks, long lashes, a little pudgy nose, and squishy little lips.

here she is hanging in our bed - something i haven't done since she was born. since i'm an awesome wife (ask saz, he'll totally agree) i sleep on the couch until a decent routing is established. at least one of us should be getting an uninterrupted night of sleep, right?

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  1. whoa lady. you sleep on the couch? you are a nice wife. I hope she's letting you get some sleep!